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Bodybuilding puts a huge demand on the body. It's easy to work past your body's ability to keep up. Low levels of certain biochemicals can drastically interfere with progress. This is especially true for the 2 hormones that are essential for the building of new muscle tissue. If either one is not at its optimal level,
Good Luck adding any new muscle. 

XGF-1 and Tribolistan will ensure that GH/IGF-1 & Testosterone are
at peak levels so every rep counts.
These are extremely advanced formulas with years of research behind them. Muscle Valley is proud
to be able to offer them to you.
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Muscle Valley is an Innovator!

We developed the first legitimate growth hormone releasing technology for bodybuilding.

We introduced rhodiola rosea(golden root) and moomiyo(shilajit) to the western hemisphere. 

We introduced Fenutest to bodybuilding.

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