Why did former Soviet Union (Russian) elite athletes dominate World sporting events in the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s? They were the only athletes on Earth to include Golden Root (rhodiola rosea) in their nutrition program. Russian scientists found that this naturally occuring substance helped increase strength by an amazing 15% to 27% in only 3 months and also dramatically shortened recovery time between training sessions all with elite, Olympic-caliber athletes. Scientists also found that Golden Root had tremendous rejuvenating powers because it helped former older athletes regain much of their lost strength and stamina.

We definitely started something big. We started putting golden root (rhodiola rosea) in our first formula in 1998, which was 5 years before anyone else had even heard of it. Now there are other companies that have finally realized its undeniable performance-enhancing benefits. We are proud to have introduced golden root to the US and we are very excited to be able to offer the ultimate muscle building and performance formula, Tribolistan.

Tribolistan contains:
1. Tribolistan Complex:
Golden Root and Siberian Ginseng are adaptogens. An adaptogen is an herb that helps the body cope with and become stronger when under stress, either physical or mental. The most powerful and effective adaptogens ever discovered are Golden Root and Siberian Ginseng, 2 closely related, very hearty herbs. They are the best of the best. Our selection of not only these ingredients, but all ingredients, is what makes Tribolistan so effective.
About Golden Root:
Russian scientists have contributed a wealth of research and knowledge to modern athletic performance. Dominating international sports competition was extremely important to former communist Russia. Millions of dollars went into their sports programs. Much of that went into research to find naturally occurring substances that would help increase physical performance but would not be banned by international sports organizations. Their research paid off in a big way. Creatine was one of the substances indentified. The other one was Rhodiola Rosea (golden root). These 2 substances combined with cutting-edge training methods helped Russia dominate world athletics for 40 years. All of the research and studies were kept secret from the rest of the world until 1990, 2
years after the fall of old Communist Russia (USSR) in 1988.

In several Russian studies, Golden Root was shown to have significant ability to increase strength, muscle-mass and stamina, in fact, by an incredible 16%- 27% in just 3 months. Golden Root has been shown to have a dramatic impact on the amount of oxygen available for prolonged physical exertion. Golden root has demonstrated the ability to speed recovery time, not only from strenuous training, but also from muscle strains and more serious sports injuries. Again, these beneficial properties have been documented in numerous studies conducted by Russian university and medical scientists.
Ginseng is legendary for its ability to increase performance levels and Siberian Ginseng is the most powerful of all ginsengs found on Earth.

2. Alpha-PhytosteroneTM:
Tribolistan is the first performance supplement to contain both Tribolistan Complex and Alpha-Phytosterone, our exclusive blend of Ashwagandha from India, Tribulus Terrestris form Eastern Europe, Cordyceps mushroom from Asia, *Zinc gluconate and the powerful plant-derived growth factor Fenutest.
The combination of our proprietary Tribolistan Complex and Alpha-Phytosterone makes this formula exceptionally beneficial for high elevation physical activities.

3. Liver Function
One area that is often forgotten in the development of sports supplements is the liver. The whole process starts with the liver. If the liver is functioning at less than 100%, all body processes will reflect it. Serious athletes work their livers extremely hard. Many of the sports supplements on the market can actually have a negative health impact on the liver. It is important to support liver health in a sports supplements formula. Milk Thistle is included because it has documented liver health benefits
Do all the research you want. You won't find another supplement like Tribolistan. It has ingredients with well-documented strength building benefits. It has ingredients that the Western World is just now learning about. It's the only one with Fenutest....the only one with Tribolistan Complex and the only one with Alpha-Phytosterone. It's one of a kind and, most importantly, IT WORKS.

* Zinc is a critical component of the enzymes that are instrumental in the production of muscle tissue.

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